Service & Consultancy

Developing new beers? Refining a portfolio? Or perhaps you are trying to find the right brewing equipment to suit your needs? We can help you refine your market, quickly produce prototype beers for evaluation and design and develop the process needed to produce your new beer, including selecting a suitable yeast strain, malt, adjuncts and hops. Through our extensive network around the world we foster information exchange with regards to new styles, ingredients, and techniques.

We have large and fully screened yeast collection from which we painstakingly documented key specifications like flavor, ethanol tolerance and many other phenotypic characteristics which we can use to select a yeast with your desired properties. In addition we have broad experience in breeding hybrid yeasts (non GMO) with desired specifications using various crossing strategies.

If you are having problems in your brewery, we are eager to share our insights, knowledge and experiences. We can start by evaluating the raw materials, brewery yeast strains, and processes that you use to brew your current portfolio of beers. We have extensive expertise and state of the art equipment and facilities for chemical analysis of beer, beverage and fermentation products.

LIBR is the Belgian reference Omnilog laboratoria for phenotypic screening and identification

We identify your bugs

LIBR has a complete Omnilog system for rapid automated incubation and identification of micro organisms and Phenotype MicroArray (PM) analysis

LIBR offers a wide arsenal of advance and standard beer analysis

We quantify your compounds

We offer standard and advanced beer analysis including quantitative determination of complex sugars (mono-, di- and oligosaccharides), aging aldehydes, polyphenols, yeast aroma's, hop oils and hop essences.